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Grey Water & Grey Water Heat Recovery
For a development of prestigious detached houses in Surrey, we have designed a system that will capture and store ‘Grey Water’ (wastewater from dish washing, laundry bathing and rainwater) to be used for flushing the toilets, or watering the garden. It is estimated that such a system could provide a 30% reduction in water use for the property. We are also investigating a new technology that would permit the capture of heat from Grey Water, through, ‘Grey Water Heat Recovery’. Rather than being connected directly to a water heating appliance (washing machine, dishwasher etc.) the incoming cold water flows into a heat exchanger where it is pre-warmed by heat from the Grey Water flowing out from say a shower. A household appliance receiving Grey Water from a shower could recover up to 60% of the heat that would otherwise go to waste.

Solar Powered Hot Water.
By installing Solar Panels when we develop properties we are able to generate hot water. This works by absorbing the sun’s energy and transferring this, indirectly, to a hot water tank, thus heating the water. A DTI investigation into solar hot water systems in the UK found that a typical system will provide 72% of a household’s hot water over the course of a year. With energy costs rising, this is a significant saving.

Heat Pumps & Biomass.
We are looking at the developments in Heat Pump technology as these provide an eco-friendly route to heat a home. An alternate is Biomass heating. Biomass refers to plant matter for use as biofuel or is more commonly called bioenergy. For smaller domestic applications of biomass the fuel is usually wood pellets, wood chips or wood logs. A Biomass heating system, using a Biomass boiler could save the average household around 600 per annum.

Wind Turbines
We are happy to discuss these with prospective clients, but a domestic system is still an expensive installation and may require planning permission dependent on size and location.

This demonstrates how innovative and forward thinking we are in championing solutions for our clients that also helps the immediate community and promotes social, environmental and economic benefits.

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